Who should attend? All categories of EMS providers.

Entry requirement:
Current ITLS Basic or Advanced certificate

Course Outline
The knowledge and skills obtained on the ITLS Access includes:
Scene size up
Calling for help
Setting up of equipment
Vehicle stabilisation
Stabilising the victim
Packaging and patient transfer

Skills stations include:
Disarming the supplemental restraint system
Stabilizing a vehicle on its wheels, on its roof, on its side, and temporarily with improvised materials
Opening a door from a hinge or bolt mechanism
Removing a roof from back to front
Dropping a roof from a vehicle on its side
Removing the floor assembly from a vehicle
Moving the steering column/wheel
Moving the dash/front end
Dropping the sides of a wrecked vehicle
Lifting a vehicle off a patient trapped underneath
Packaging the patient for removal, using a long spine board and straps or rope sling

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